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Trade Show Flooring


Are you and your staff tired of standing on hard and uncomfortable trade show venue floors show after show? Do you need a way to add a new, buzzworthy element to your trade show booth but have a limited budget? Trade show flooring is the option you’re looking for! PopUpBanner offers trade show flooring ideas such as custom printed vinyl floor mats, comfortable wood-grain look SoftWoods™ tiles and classy Premium SoftCarpets™ tiles that fit any trade show booth and budget! Our floor mats are custom printed in full color and are made of durable, transparent vinyl that shows off your impact graphics in an impressive way. Both the SoftWoods™ and Premium Carpets™ are made of shock absorbent rubber foam that will make you, your staffers and attendees comfortable all day long at every show. Our line of interlocking tile flooring comes in a wide variety of colors so that you can match the flooring with the color scheme of your trade show booth and its graphics or perfectly accent it to bring out the secondary colors of your logo and graphics. No matter which style of trade show flooring you prefer, there’s a perfect flooring idea for every trade show exhibitor and budget!






Renting a flooring option from a trade show venue can get costly in a hurry, especially if you rent at every trade show you exhibit at. You’re often renting flooring that isn’t comfortable and has been used before. Your color options might also be limited to whatever else hasn’t been rented. Purchase your own trade show flooring option to take with you to every trade show and enjoy the impact it makes by giving your trade show booth a subtle, yet impressive facelift! The custom vinyl floor mats will showcase your company and logo in a unique way and our trade show tiles will keep you and your guests comfortable all day look while adding remarkable color to your booth! Your trade show giveaway items also can have a significant impact on your success. Try something new and memorable like our Banner Message Pens! Create a buzz with your banners by ordering a Scrolling Banner Stand today!