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Small Tips for Big Holiday Sales Success


Each year there is more and more pressure for retailers to have holiday sales campaigns ready to go sometime before Halloween or right on November 1st.

If you were not geared up for the holiday shopping season by then you don’t have to worry as much as you think. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, just over 41% of shoppers don’t plan to start their holiday shopping until the first two weeks of December compared to only just under 22% starting in October and 15% in November.

There are many minor things you can do to set yourself up for big success even as the holiday shopping season quickly approaches.

Music: You can set the mood for your shoppers experience immediately with festive music. Some people enjoy holiday shopping and some don’t, but using holiday music to create a little festive cheer can only help.

Synchronize cross channel marketing: Make sure you are promoting all of your sales and items across all your platforms. If you have a visual display planned out or already built, promoting it on social media and in emails will help make it more recognizable to shoppers when they come to the store. Have a calendar to plan when to promote everything at the right time when sales are going on and give consumers enough time to plan ahead.

Make social media more visual: When most people begin their holiday shopping, they are fairly undecided on what gifts to buy or they are considering multiple ideas. Keep your social media channels fresh with visual ideas about your items for consumers. Produce videos, tweet and post photos or your items being unwrapped or used in real life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and especially Pinterest. The better you can visually market your sales items to undecided shoppers, the more ideas you will give them.

Web/Mobile presence: Also in the NRF’s 2016 Holiday shopping survey, 56.6% shoppers plan to shop at department stores while 56.5% will shop online. To take advantage of both, make sure your online store has all your sales prices and information up to date and that your mobile and websites are ready for a higher volume of traffic.

Improve customer experience: You certainly want your web and mobile sites to be user friendly but your brick-and-mortar store should be too – especially this time of year. Holiday shopping is often frantic, so handing out maps of the store if you are a big store to help point out where key sales items can be helpful. You can utilize extra signage to use as directional signs to point out key sale items are or to help point customers in directions of certain departments or checkout lines. This can help offset the need for extra workers and labor costs during a season where time is valuable.

Don’t overlook Point-of-Purchase: Point-of-purchase displays can really help improve your sales numbers during the holidays if they are planned and set up well. One of the easiest ways to ensure at least a little sales boost from purchases at the register are putting together displays of items that are easily paired with your bigger sales items. Signage for these displays is generally inexpensive and can make a big difference in sales at the end of the season.