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Retail Signage for End-of-the-Season Sidewalk Sales


In preparation for the break of winter, many retail stores will offer a sidewalk sale in the next month or two with all of their winter items and gear available at incredibly discounted prices. Transitioning from winter coats and gloves to sandals and t-shirts comes early for department stores, and so comes the sales to get rid of bulky, out-of-season apparel. Effectively promoting your boutique or shoe store’s spring sidewalk sale requires durable printed signage that can grab the attention of your target audience inside and outside your retail store. Invest in reusable indoor/outdoor banner stands, vinyl banners and flags to make sure your end-of-the-season sale draws a crowd of interested consumers.

Outside advertising signage must be durable enough to be showcased in an outdoor arena without damaging the display stand or printed graphics. Retail banners made for outdoor use can be printed with waterproof solvent inks so the printed graphics will not run, fade or smear when exposed to elements like harsh sunlight or rain. Heavy-duty banner stands can be placed directly on the sidewalk in front of your department store to market your spring sale to passersby. Display frames can be made of resilient materials like weather-resistant plastic and aluminum to effectively broadcast your marketing message without succumbing to Mother Nature. Items that are printed with a dye sublimation process like fabric flags are ideal for outdoor use. The innovative printing system utilizes a heat press so the inks become a part of the fibers of the material, deterring the image from fading or running when showcased in an outdoor venue.

Display your special “50% Off” or “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” message for an upcoming retail sidewalk sale with printed signage that can be placed directly in front of your store. Hang a mesh  or vinyl banner directly on the outside of your building to let the public know about the great limited-time deals your brand is offering. Vinyl banners are a low-cost marketing solution for any retail store. Use rope or hooks to hang your banner, complete with pole pockets or grommets, on an existing structure in a high-traffic area. Compact A-frame poster stands are user-friendly sidewalk signs that feature two printed banners to maximize the exposure for your promotional message. Place an A-frame display directly next to the table or rack with your discounted items outside in front of your store or in the entranceway of your mall entrance.

Add retail signage inside of your boutique or shoe store as well to market your special promotions within your business and make the shopping experience more convenient for your customers. Feature ceiling poster hangers throughout your store for an economical and space-saving way to broadcast your limited-time discounts. Hang your ceiling banner directly from a drop-tile ceiling to list which items are where within your boutique as well. Window hangers, which include suction cups, can also promote your spring sale to passersby in front of your store. Telescopic poster stands take up minimal floor space so you can add a “Welcome” message for your customers at the entranceway of your store or feature the items that are on sale or about to be sold out for that day!

Worried about being stuck with outdated printed banner stands and displays because your sales message changes year after year? Many portable advertising displays are reusable, which provides an economical way to keep your printed graphics relevant without purchasing a completely new display unit. Replacement banners allow a retailer to update the printed marketing message on an old stand to match the discounts and offers of the current season’s sidewalk sale.

To make your upcoming sidewalk sale a success and effectively transition your store from winter to spring apparel, check out Popupbanner’s extensive line of reusable and durable indoor/outdoor poster stands, vinyl banners, pull up banner stands and more!