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Pop-Up Store Signage Tips and Ideas


Pop-up stores are literally popping up everywhere in many different markets. Even bigger brands have tried and succeeded in this market because there are plenty of advantages to utilizing pop-up stores.

Benefits of Pop-Up Stores

Creates buying urgency: Pop-up stores tap into one of the things that has made Snapchat so popular – brevity. The temporary state of pop-up stores creates a sense of urgency with your products and the sale.

Influences direct buying decisions: The ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ storefront creates a certain buzz and triggers consumers impulse buying decisions. The kind of products and prices you are offering at a pop-up sale helps influence their buying decision and forces them to make decisions quicker.

Mobile in-person effect: Pop-up stores allow you to go where your customers are, giving you a “mobile” store effect and the ability to be with your customers in person.

Test new markets: While it’s probably a better practice to go where your customers are, pop-up stores also give you the ability to find new customers and markets that your business may currently not be tapping into.

Build awareness: Taking your show on the road, so to speak, helps you build awareness of your brand in general. Even if what you’re able to sell in your pop-up store is limited, building awareness of your product line and brand might almost be as good as sales made from your pop-up store.

Higher foot traffic: Not being restricted by a brick and mortar store gives you a little more access to crowds. Utilizing temporary pop-up stores gives you the opportunity to pick a place that generally sees more foot traffic.

Now that you know some of the benefits of a pop-up store, here are a few tips that can help increase its success level.

Advertising Signage Tips for Pop-Up Store Success

Try a theme: If you have a particular inventory of items you are planning on selling, build your marketing campaign of that store around those items. Take advantage of the temporary nature of pop-up stores and build a marketing theme out of yours.

Stay on brand: One of the benefits of pop-up stores is the branding opportunity and building brand awareness. So whatever your theme is or whatever signage and displays you use, make sure it reflects your brand effectively.

Have good lighting: No matter where you are selling your product or brand, it’s always important to have good lighting. Depending on where you are setting up your pop-up store, you may need additional lighting to help make sure your stand is noticed.

Bright colored signage: The signage you use to promote your pop-up store can make a big difference. Use a color scheme that will help you stand out, use colors that tap into consumer emotions but be sure not to stray too far from your brand’s colors either.

Street/aisle signs: Using signage that can fit on a sidewalk, right in front of your pop-up store without taking up valuable space or hurting potential foot traffic is important.

Floor graphics: You want to conserve as much space as possible in your pop-up store for inventory and customers. One way to be mindful of space and still push your message is by utilizing floor graphics.

Ceiling hanging advertisements: If your pop-up store is at a random or remote location, ceiling hanging signs might be a little harder to utilize. But if you have the chance to use ceiling posters and signs, like with floor graphics, you have a chance to save space and utilize good advertising.

Tents: Using a tent for your pop-up store potentially gives you the option of being able to take your store outdoors. Instead of trying to find an aisle or space inside a building, you can try to catch the crowd outdoors with a unique kind of pop-up store.

Flags: Advertising flags can significantly help draw a crowd to your pop-up store as they can be placed away from your store or near it and are visible from a distance.