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Benefits of PopUp Displays


If you’re a trade show exhibitor that attends several shows and conferences a year, flexibility is key. Being a frequent exhibitor means a lot of travel, time setting up your display and paying to ship it or transport it with you. Saving time and money doesn’t hurt your bottom line when it comes to your investments in exhibiting at trade shows and your trade show displays. That’s why there are a number of reasons any exhibitor could benefit from utilizing popup trade show displays.

1. Anytime, any space – Popup trade show displays can essentially fit any standard size show floor space. PopUp displays work in island, eight, 10 and even 20 foot rental spaces at trade shows. Rental space is one of the higher costs at trade shows and prices can vary depending on venue and the show. Having a display that can fit anyone of those sizes at any given time can be invaluable.

2. Easy come, easy go – Do you ever feel like you get to a city or a show and in a flash - it’s over and you have to pack up and either head back or onto the next show? If that’s the case, you don’t want to be wasting a lot of time trying to set up and break down your displays. Save that valuable time for meeting with attendees and potential customers. Popup trade show displays assemble quickly and pack back up just as effortlessly. Even better, you won’t need any help with setup or disassembly. Popup displays can be put together and taken down easily by just one person, which is a huge time and potentially labor saver!

3. Take it to go – Save money on freight and hassle on travel. These displays are easy to pack and transport to all trade shows and conferences. They’re compact, lightweight and user friendly to travel with no matter where you go to further your brand.

4. Flexible design – Trade show displays are a big investment. If you’re marketing plan or business information changes, you really don’t want to have to double the cost of that investment to make changes to the display. The design of these popup displays allows you to order newly printed graphics to use with the frame so you can update your marketing messages and information that will keep your budget more flexible.