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6 Facts and Benefits of Vinyl Banners


With the summer season upon us, it’s no surprise that the affordability and versatility of vinyl banners make them a popular and effective outdoor display. Read these six facts and benefits of utilizing vinyl banners.

Fact: Vinyl banners are weather resistant.
Both types of vinyl banners (solid and mesh) are outdoor friendly. Solid vinyl banners are made out of sturdy and durable 13oz. vinyl. Mesh vinyl banners are made from 9oz. vinyl and include perforations in the material that give it optimal wind resistance. Colors and graphics are also UV proof so they will stay perfect rain or shine.

Fact: Vinyl banners are easy to hang.
Benefits: Grommets are places at the four corners of the banners where rope, bungee cords and other rope-like materials can be looped through to tie it to fences and posts. Pole pockets can also be sewn into the top, bottom or sides of banners and you can also use those to loop a rope through to hang.

Fact: Vinyl banners can display a lot of information and images.
Benefits: Vinyl banners have a wide range of size customization options, so they can be as big or small as you need. Whether you need a simple image and message or want to display a lot of information like using them as a way to thank multiple sponsors of a youth sports league or fundraiser.

Fact: Vinyl banners can be displayed vertically or horizontally.
Benefit: With all the custom size options available for vinyl banners, they can be designed and printed to be displayed vertically or horizontally. No matter which direction the banner is designed and printed, grommets or pole pockets can still be added to the banner to hang it.

Fact: Vinyl banners are portable.
Benefits: Thanks to the lightweight but durable vinyl material, these banners can be easily rolled up or stored away. Grommets and pole pockets allow you to hang the banner and then take it down without any damage to the banner or where you originally hung it from and then hang it from another location with the same benefit.

Fact: Vinyl banners are just as effective as they are inexpensive.
Benefits: With all the sizes they come in and how easy they are to hang, vinyl banners give you a lot of advertising versatility for your dollar. For events like fundraisers, car washes, and birthday or graduation parties, these banners are highly affordable for all budgets.