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5 Signs of Summer


Quality summer signage is a must when it comes to promoting your business biggest sales or events this season. Without it, you risk losing that important summer business to competitors. Luckily, there are many great summer signage options to fit every occasion and budget. Here are five favorites and great ways to use them.

1) Vinyl Banners: Whether you need to share your marketing message about a sale or event indoors or outdoors, vinyl banners are always a great option because of their affordability, their weather resistance and how easy they are to hang. Vinyl banners are the perfect option to promote church festivals, concerts, little league sponsors, July 4th fireworks and outdoor farmers markets. If you’re looking for a little more outdoor durability from a banner, mesh banners offer better wind resistance and the same custom printed look with vibrant colors.

2) Sidewalk Signs: These durable outdoor displays are some of the most affordable double-sided printed displays you can order. These displays feature full color, custom printed PVC signs that are UV resistant outdoors and sit on frames that fit perfectly in front of your storefront or compactly in front of event tables. They give you double the exposure without doubling the cost, are compact and are easily portable because they are lightweight or fold up. Sidewalk signs are great for small business shops like ice cream parlors, boutiques, barber shops, coffee shops as well as any businesses setting up a table at an outdoor event or a fair.

3) Yard Signs: These simple, double sided printed signs are the ultimate outdoor signage budget saver. They can be displayed on any lawn easily, feature a custom printed double sided PVC sign for little cost. Summer is a popular time for garage sales, putting your home on the market and for landscaping companies to promote examples of their work and yard signs are great ways to broadcast these messages.

4) Teardrop and Feather Flags: These outdoor flags are custom printed on dye sub fabric banners and come with multiple durable base/stake options so you can display these outdoors all summer long. They stand tall and feature big images and text to promote your business. They are great at flagging (pun intended) potential customers down to your business when you use them in parking lots near streets and especially for businesses that sit just below a freeway or bridges. They’re great for promoting big messages like special events or grand openings and for occasions as simple as car washes because of their cost for the size of the flags.

5) Custom Printed Tents: Advertising canopy tents are the ultimate outdoor marketing tool every summer. If you are a business hosting a big event outdoors in your own parking lot or taking your business to a festival or another off-site outdoor event, custom printed canopy tents advertise your business in style. It’s a great way to set your staff up under a comfortable promotional tent or have a place to invite your customers under if your event doesn’t offer shade from the summer sun. They’re easy to set up and pack up to take to any event.