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- Trade show trends 2018

4 Reasons To Plan A Themed Trade Show Booth


There is not a shortage of details to go over when planning to exhibit at a trade show. From big details like travel plans and expenses, displays and graphics to which staffers to send and how many and what kind of giveaways and literature to bring, it’s a big and important list.

One trendy and creative way can make all that planning much simpler.

Themes have been a growing trend among trade show exhibitors the last few years and there are some good reasons why. Almost all trade shows, conferences or marketing events have a theme to them and it makes sense for marketers exhibiting at these events to have a theme as well.

Brainstorming and deciding on a theme helps bring your entire trade show planning into focus around one central idea. Every decision you make for this trade show will be tied back to this idea. All details, big and small, are planned with this theme in mind. While it may be a challenge to try to work every detail into fitting in with the theme you have decided on, it serves as a jumping off point for the entire process and helps everyone focus on putting their creativity into this theme. With one central idea, it makes planning every aspect easier. Displays and display graphics, giveaway items, staff training and selling strategy and possibly even how your staffers dress. Once you come up with that one creative thing, everyone involved in the planning process can pour all of their creativity into making sure every detail of your trade show strategy and booth perfectly fits this theme. It takes everything you need to plan for and potentially eliminate hours of other brainstorming needed to plan them separately.

Show Creativity
Planning a theme for your trade show booth and strategy will allow your company to show its creativity. It encourages your staffers planning for the event to be creative as well. Showing attendees your company’s creative side can create a good first impression about its ability to think outside of the box or adapt. If any current clients are attending, it also gives them a chance to see that creativity as well, which could also be an added bonus and serve as a talking point to strengthen the relationship. Creativity is always rewarded and some shows or conferences even have awards for the best trade show booths. Winning one of those awards would certainly enhance your brand recognition among attendees and clients and rewards the people in your company planning for the show for that creativity.

A Good First and Lasting Impression
A great trade show booth and corresponding marketing strategy for a trade show is a huge key to having success there. Good and experienced exhibiting companies know that there is a limited window to capturing an attendee’s attention. A creatively designed trade show booth around a theme is a good way to make a good first impression with attendees and gives you the chance to leave a good lasting impression as well. Good trade show booths and presentations leave a good impression with attendees and will have them talking about your company in a positive way, which is a huge victory for any company exhibiting at a trade show.

Fresh Start
It may not be feasible for all companies to have a new theme for every trade show. If you exhibit at multiple trade shows every year, designing a new theme for every show would get quite expensive and hard to plan for. A creative theme can be used for a few trade shows every year and if you come up with a theme that matches your marketing campaign, you can use it throughout the year if your company frequently exhibits at trade shows. Once you get all your use out of your trade show materials around that theme, you can plan a new theme for your next set of trade shows without having your booth and strategy appear stale. Many companies that print your trade show displays and materials offer affordable items such as replacement panels for trade show booths and replacement banners for banner stands so you can reuse hardware from your current displays and have brand new graphics while saving some money on displays.